Australian Shells

This site is an on-line identification source for Australian shells, especially those smaller and unglamorous ones often ignored in popular literature.

Because I’m in southern Australia, there is a bias towards southern Australian shells.

The empty shells are mostly in my collection, or in the collection of the Australian Museum, Sydney. Pictures of live shells were taken in locations mostly around Sydney.

I wish to thank the staff of the Malacology Department of the Australian Museum for their assistance with my work.

See also my publications on Australian shells

Phasianella ventricosa
A smooth, highly polished shell with pretty zig-za
Turbo undulatus
Turbo undulata Squat, sturdy shell with patterns o
Turbo imperialis
A fairly large shell, smooth, but sometimes with a
Ninella torquata
A very large and heavy shell. Dull grey with obliq
Astraea tentoriiformis
A conical shell with a flat base, usually eroded o
Phasianotrochus eximius
A tall olive-brown shell with brilliant blue iride
Gena impertusa
A very small ear-shaped shell, sometimes mistaken
Granata imbricata
This shell is often mistaken for a small abalone,
Bankivia fasciata
A colourful and very smooth shell from sandy beach