Sydney Plants

Welcome to the Plants of Sydney website. This site aims to enable locals and visitors to identify some of the most common and conspicuous species of native plants around the Sydney metropolitan area. As new plants have been added recently, more have come from a wider range of areas, with most of the photographs taken in the Ku-ring-gai Chase, Royal National and Lane Cove National Parks, the most magnificent Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden, Sydney Harbour National Park and the UTS Ku-ring-gai Campus.

If you think names are incorrect or outdated, please send me an E-mail.

Acacia suaveolens (Sweet-scented wattle)
Family Mimosacaea This straggly shrub, up to about
Thelymitra ixioides (Spotted Sun-orchid)
Family Orchidaceae This beautiful orchid is quite
Dillwynia retorta (Eggs and bacon)
Family Fabaceae A straggly understorey shrub, most
Grevillea speciosa ssp. speciosa (Red spider flower)
Diagnosis: A shrub to 2 m tall, with ovate leaves
Leptospermum squarrosum (Pink tea tree)
Family Myrtaceae A tall and very erect shrub to 3
Woollsia pungens (Woollsia)
Family Epicidaceae This understorey shrub of less
Epacris microphylla (Coral Heath)
Family Epacridaceae A very common shrub on heathla
Hibbertia cistiflora
Family Dilleniaceae One of a number of species wit
Dampieria stricta
Family Goodeniaceae A low, wiry, straggly shrub, w
Hibbertia dentata
Family Dilleniaceae A twining creeping plant with
Patersonia glabrata (Leafy purple-flag)
Family Family Iridaceae A striking plant when in f
Burchardia umbellata (Milkmaids)
Family Cochicaceae A conspicuous inflorescence, bo