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Woollsia pungens (Woollsia)
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Woollsia pungens (Woollsia)

Family Epicidaceae

This understorey shrub of less than 1m tall is densely covered in heart-shaped, light green, pungent leaves (hence the name). The new leaves appear as a little tuft at the top, whereas older leaves usually point downwards. Flowers appear just behind the ends of the branches. The flowers have five petals, which together form a flat plane. The petals are often wrinkled. Flowers are usually white, but can also be pink or even dark maroon

Flowering: late autumn to early spring

Habitat: Dry open forest on sandy soils; often in urban bushland, but requiring a slightly moist position.

Distribution: in Sydney widespread from coast to mountains. In New South Wales also south coast, southern tablelands and north coast. Also in Queensland.

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