Books and documents on Australian Shells
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Seashells of South-East Australia
Patty Jansen 2000 ISBN: 0 9577455 0 8, new,138 x 210 mm, 128 p., A$29.95.

The book covers and illustrates in colour 413 species of shells commonly encountered on southeastern Australian beaches or in shallow water . The introduction covers aspects such as the naming of shells, their habitat and how to look for shells, and environmental issues. There is also a list of references, index, and list of Australian shell clubs. Soft cover, full colour.

Common Seashells of Coastal Northern Queensland
Patty Jansen 1996 ISBN: 0 646 29824 0, new,56 p., 149 x 219 mm, A$12.95.

A small identification guide describing and illustrating 200 species of shells common on beaches of coastal northern Queensland. 4 colour plates, 114 b/w illustrations, soft cover

Bivalves of Australia, vol. 1
Kevin Lamprell & Thora Whitehead 1992 ISBN: 1 86333 039 9, new,182 p., 196 x 265 mm, A$54.95.

A fabulous book with 615 species described and illustrated in colour. Families covered include: Glycymeridae, Pectinidae, Cardiidae, Carditidae, Mactridae, Tellinidae, Veneridae. With an extensive literature list. 77 colour plates, hard cover

Bivalves of Australia. Vol. 2
Kevin Lamprell and John Healy 1998 ISBN: 90 73348 92 7, new,288 p., 174 x 245 mm, A$94.95.

This book covers the families not described in volume 1. Some important families are: Arcidae, Mytilidae, Pteriidae, as well as the microshell families. 112 plates (89 in colour), hard cover.

Checklist of Australian Trochidae
Free downloadable PDF file.

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